Ok, so you’ve decided that it might be a good idea to have your wedding filmed. Considering that the day will fly by, having a wedding video to capture every moment makes perfect sense. There are so many wedding video professionals out there, how do you pick one? They vary in styles and rates, but how can you justify if it’s worth the money?

The hard work of the wedding videographer is often overlooked; we’re usually in the background, being unobtrusive capturing the day as it happens. Our camera and editing suite is costly, and we have to make sure we have spares for the cameras when we’re out filming just in case. If you choose to have a second camera operator, we have to pay them their day rate too. Even though this extra coverage enhances the video, it does double the post production time.

Whether we’re filming your day for 6 or 12 hours, the editing time is still complex and time-consuming. After the video is carefully cut, colour-graded, rendered and compressed, we then have to design your DVD covers, supply the cases, package and ship the finished wedding films.
Contact us to see how we can document your day in a professional and future-proof way.

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