A Summery Surrey Wedding – Wotton House Hotel, Dorking

Alexia & Steve had their summery Surrey wedding at the beautiful Wotton House in the heart of the Surrey Hills, not far from Dorking in April 2022.

The Proposal

Steve proposed to Lexie whilst they watched the sunset over the ocean in a church in Santorini. The couple planned to get married 6 months from their engagement. Then the pandemic hit. Two years later, they finally made it down the aisle.

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Steve & Lexie’s Vision for their wedding day

The couple wanted a romantic and whimsical secret garden wedding.They were so happy to have booked Wotton House Hotel as it meant they would have their wedding at a venue they knew really well, and one where their dog could be as honoured a guest as everyone else.

It was important to Steve & Lexie that they could spend as much time as possible outside to enjoy the weather and grounds.

surrey wedding

Memorable moments

We asked Lexie & Steve a few questions about their memorable moment from their Wotton House wedding day. Lexie said, “Reading our personally written vows under the Italian Garden temple, during which our dog found a tennis ball during the ceremony and proceeded to parade it round to all our guests was a very memorable moment!”

Lexie also told us why they chose to have a wedding video, “We know pictures can only capture so much. Film catches so many amazing details we would have otherwise missed. We loved being able to capture our wedding dance, vows and our dog!”

surrey wedding


Lexie & Steve booked Adam from Skyfire Imaging as their photographer for the day. Lexie found her dress at Jasmine bridal – check out her amazing figure!

We asked about the flowers, Lexie said “We had Flowers by Elaine to do our florals. I told her to make everything look like it was surrounded by fairies and butterflies so she added loads of bobbing clematis and bell flowers and curling tendrils of jasmine – it looked magical.”

Truly Scrumptious made their wedding cake which was totally personalised for the couple. It was Prosecco and rose flavour, a St Clements layer and a Carrot cake layer. Lexie said,”It was a massive hit. It was covered in Swiss meringue, ensuring that even in the warm weather, it stayed moist, looked great and stayed fresh. It was decorated with fresh edible flours and herbs.”

surrey wedding

The best bits of the wedding film

Lexie & Steve both agreed, “Our vows, watching the dress move, seeing us spending loving moments together, as you are so swept away on the day, it’s hard to remember these.”

The fun couple chose our Preparations and Standard Package coverage option with the full documentary edit. So they received their full film and a short highlights (below). This worked really well as it mean’t we could start filming 3 hours before the ceremony and capture lots of the preparations throughout the day until the party kicked off!

They also gave some great advice to couples planning their wedding…

“At three stages during your day (prep, ceremony, party), plan to take 5 minutes with your new husband/wife and just focus on remembering that moment. The day goes in such a flash that if you don’t take these moments to feel and appreciate the wonderful day, you will miss the opportunity to bank the memories together.

Don’t let friends or relatives pressure you into doing something you don’t want. The response “thank you, I’ll take that under advisement” can be a very helpful way of ending unsolicited input!

And finally, if you’re in a big dress, sit on the toilet facing towards the cistern. It’s much easier that way!”


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Click on the film below to watch Steve & Alexia’s wedding video highlights


Wotton House Wedding – Wotton House History – Wotton House Hotel


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