6 reasons why you should choose us as your Wedding Videographers


So you’d like a videographer to film your wedding but which one? There are hundreds out there all with different styles and looks to their films, but what makes them stand out? Here are a few that we think are important at Anneka Ireland Videography.


We treat every wedding individually


The amount of time spent planning a wedding means that no wedding is the same, we like to film naturally to tell the story of how the day unfolded, as it happened.

We don’t turn up with a lorry load of equipment and turn your wedding into a film set


Whilst our films are creative and contemporary, we prefer to work with natural movement (people/ trees moving) rather than false (movement made by the equipment). Some of our equipment gives us this option where necessary but we prefer to use a variety of techniques that reflect the feel of the day and are timeless. We don’t have any cranes or drones but prefer to stick with monopods, tripods (for the ceremony + speeches) and sometimes a small gimbal and slider. However, we do offer drone coverage if required and we always hire a licensed operator who knows how to fly safely and within regulations.

We are very calm and unobtrusive – we won’t take over your day


There are lots of key moments to capture during a wedding day, and we know how to do this without making people feel uncomfortable or making it look staged. We won’t ask you to do any posing (we leave that to your photographer!) or cheesy shots, maybe just a nice shot of you walking together. We are often told by couples that their guests had commented that they hadn’t realised that there was a videographer at the wedding – the biggest compliment we can receive!

Our pricing is reasonable


We understand how wedding costs can mount up. The best advice that I’ve heard is to invest in the things that will last more than just the one day. Video shouldn’t be overlooked and a professional wedding film is priceless. We have carefully put together our packages and prices to reflect the amount of time we spend filming and predominantly editing (days and days!), not to mention that really long list of other costs (insurance, equipment, advertising, music licensing, travel etc!) . We want couples to feel like they’re getting value for money and we try our best to produce the best wedding film that reflects the wedding day as it happened.

We are easy to work with


On a wedding day we understand that it’s not just us as videographers that need to get those key shots, the photographers do too, plus it’s also important that other suppliers can do their jobs without any problems as we all have a key goal; to make it the best day possible for the couple. The majority of our wedding bookings come from recommendations from venues, photographers and previous couples which is fantastic because they know that we are considerate and easy to work alongside.

We are nice!


Sometimes weddings can be stressful or just hectic! On the way we are friendly, understanding, honest and calm. With 9 years of experience filming weddings we have often seen it all before and will help when and where we can.


If you’re not convinced by now, see what our previous couples have said about us here.


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