We arrived at Cheniece’s parents house in Kent on the morning of their wedding day in November 2014 to find a very excited bride having her hair curled. Not only was Cheneice marrying her childhood sweetheart that she’d been with since she was 14 but it was her Grandad who would be walking down the aisle. He was a very important person to her.

After getting the details shots of Cheniece’s dress, shoes and jewellery we focused on the emotion in the house. Matt had left her with a very thoughtful box of gifts and the girls all stood around whilst sipping their champagne waiting in anticipation. Cheniece’s granddad waited quietly for the time to leave in the room next to them.

Cheniece’s Mum helped her get into her beautiful dress whilst me and their photographer, Charlotte King got some shots. Cheniece’s bridesmaids were led into the bedroom with their eyes covered ready to be surprised by an absolutely stunning bride! Without fail, they uncovered their eyes and many jaws dropped.

Shortly after, we arrived at Cooling Castle Barn to meet Matt, get some shots of the venue and people arriving. It was not long before a very smiley Cheniece arrived and there ceremony began. I feel so privileged to be so close to couples on their wedding day, to film those intimate feelings and moments that happen throughout the day. The ceremony took place without a glitch and their day flowed with lots of fun and laugher.

Cheniece and Matt received their preview DVD a few weeks later and sent us this lovely email;

“Thank you so much Anneka for our amazing wedding video. We were both completely blown away with how stunning it was, and how you managed to pick up on such intricate details of our day. We didn’t even notice you were there and it showed in how naturally beautiful the film was.

From our very first meeting we left feeling completely confident that you were going to create something special and we were not disappointed.

We now get to re-live that amazing day again and again. We cant thank you enough. – Cheniece + Matt”

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