How to keep your Wedding Film USB stick safe forever

Its arrived in the post! You want to pop it into your device and watch your wedding video straight away, then show the family, and then your friends, but hold up! Here are some tips to make the most of your Wedding Film USB and to avoid any possible problems in the future:

Take a back-up

Having your wedding film on a USB is the best option possible over any other media (such as DVD, blu-ray etc), its much more future-proof and great quality too. As soon as it arrives in the post take multiple copies e.g. on your laptop, the cloud/ Google drive, another USB stick or even a hard drive. Whatever you do, just make sure you have more than one copy.

We will archive your wedding video for up to one year.

Look after it

Firstly, make sure your device is fully booted and logged on before you insert the USB.

It’s also easy to just pull the USB stick out of your device once finished, this can cause corruption to the files as they may still be being read by the computer. So make sure you click ‘Eject’ on a Mac or ‘Safely Remove’ on Windows.

If your USB becomes corrupted there will be a fee to provide a replacement.

The BEST way to watch your wedding film

After taking back ups, we recommend that you watch your wedding film directly from the file on your device rather than the stick to avoid any read-speed issues, or what can be described as buffering or delays in the playback.

Keep your wedding film somewhere safe

The tiny USB can be easily mislaid so make sure you store it safe in a draw, away from any damp or extreme temperatures. Keep it inside its box to ensure no dust gets inside which can affect your computer form reading it.


Now, enjoy watching your wedding film!


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