Wedding Videographer for Intimate or Small Weddings


We have filmed a lot of small weddings this year due to government restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic! However, we have always filmed small weddings and really enjoy it just as much as the larger ones. The feeling, emotion and importance of getting married isn’t lost because it’s a smaller wedding.


Same sex wedding ceremony  - Wedding Videographer for Intimate or Small Weddings

Various reasons for these choices


We find that couples tend to choose to have a smaller wedding for a variety of reasons such as budget, venue, family, government restrictions, or simply choosing that it’s what they’d prefer to have most! Filming an intimate wedding or elopement is just as much work as a larger wedding, if not harder, as it’s not as easy to go unnoticed by guests and to get those key shots of everybody having fun.

Extra time


When we are filming intimate weddings we find that couples seem to get a lot more time with their guests and each other rather than whirlwinding around 100+ guests! Another positive is that it means you can save money in one area so you will have more budget for other areas that are more important to you.

Emily and Alex said, “Don’t feel pressurised to have a big day. The best bit about our day was being able to talk to all of guests as it was so intimate we managed to spend time with everybody!”


Bride and groom walking holding hands - Wedding Videographer for Intimate or Small Weddings


Having your small intimate wedding filmed means that a wedding video goes from ‘nice to have’ to ‘definitely have’ as you’ll be able to show friends and family who weren’t at the wedding. That’s why we are the perfect Wedding Videographer for Intimate or Small Weddings!

Here’s a short teaser film of a small wedding we filmed at Sprivers Mansion


Here’s a bit more info if your wedding has been affected by Coronavirus

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