Love & Emotion – An Oaks Farm Wedding Video

Vince & Kim got married at the picturesque Oaks Farm in Surrey in May 2023. The weather was sunny and warm, just perfect! We asked Kim & Vince about their plans and visions for their special day.

The Proposal

Vince told us, “We were on holiday in Mexico and I had already asked Kim’s dad for permission. I knew that I wanted to marry Kim for several months and what better place than on holiday and by the sea, a place that Kim loves. I had been scouting out a place for the proposal. Day 7 early morning sunrise walking along the beach and found a secluded area which was perfect apart from a sun bather decided to join us! Not the best so I decided to wait until the next day. Day 8 in Mexico same spot but slightly earlier and I got down on 1 knee and Kim said yes! The sun had only just fully risen and it was a beautiful morning. We had 2 more days on holiday to enjoy the trip together as a newly engaged couple.” – What a lovely story! Kim kindly sent us some pics from the day Vince proposed too

surrey wedding videographer

surrey wedding videographer

oaks farm wedding

Visions & Ideas

Kim told us, ” We just wanted a fun, relaxed day to celebrate our love for each other and for all our friends and family. I think because we were both relaxed and smiling all day our guests were too!”

When we asked about memorable moment from the day, Kim told us, “I have many – getting ready with my mum and best friends, the car journey with my dad, entering the ceremony and seeing Vince trying to hold it together and then the cheering as we left the ceremony are just a few of the moments I will always remember. However I think the most memorable for me was when we were introduced and entered the room for the speeches and wedding breakfast and all our friends and family were cheering, I was a little taken a back by all the love and support in the room.”

Vince said, “The whole day was special and there are so many to choose from, but exactly the same as Kim, upon entering the room for the wedding breakfast was over whelming, it was amazing to see all our friends and family there to support us.”

oaks farm wedding

A couple of images courtesy of David Burke Photography from Vince & Kim’s Engagement Shoot/ He also photographed their wedding day.

oaks farm wedding

The Wedding Film

We asked the couple why they chose to have a wedding video and Kim said, “A friend of mine who got married just before we got engaged said to me I know you can be shy and don’t like being centre of attention but the best thing we did was to have a videographer to capture the moments you miss or can’t remember after the day has happened. I am so glad I listened to her advice and had a videographer. Anneka, you captured the day perfectly and it made us smile (and Vince cry!) watching it back! We love our photos and will put some up around the house to remember our day, however how amazing and extra special to also have a video to watch a share for years to come!”

Vince & Kim chose the Preparations and Standard Package wedding video coverage meaning we started at the couples house to film the preparations then onto Oaks Farm for the ceremony and reception.

The Morning of the Big Day

Kim said, “When I first woke up I felt like I was about to do a gymnastics competition again! However as soon as the bridesmaids started getting their hair and make up done and my mum arrived I felt much calmer! We just chatted and laughed all morning and it was lovely to spend the time with them all. I really enjoyed the morning with the bridesmaids and my mum and to have such lovely photo and video moments from this time is amazing. I was of course also excited for the day to come and couldn’t wait to see Vince 🙂

oaks farm wedding

Vince said, “Firstly my body clock had woken me up at 5:15am all week, I felt good. Kim gave me a card to read in the morning which made me cry with happiness, it was beautifully written. The whole morning was relaxed and good but then when people were sitting down in the ceremony room that’s when the nerves kicked in for me. But it was brilliant!”

Kim’s dress was by Dando from Confetti & Lace in Essex – the dress fitted perfectly and Vince looked blown away!

oaks farm wedding

Surrey Wedding Video

When we asked Kim about their inspiration and styling for the wedding, she told us, “Blue is our favourite colour and suited all the bridesmaids well so we started with that for their dresses. Then as the suits were also blue we picked a yellow/gold tie for the boys to compliment the bridesmaids. We also enjoy spending time at the beach, however a beach wedding is tricky to organise in the UK with the weather, etc so we decided on a beach theme to the wedding instead (matches the blue and yellow well too!). The table names were all beaches that we have been too and mean something to us and included a photo of us there too. Then the shells that were placed around the venue as decoration were collected from a recent family holiday to Perth, Australia to visit my brother (I got all the family shell collecting!!). Then lastly we both enjoy spending time in our garden and love the spring flowers so we decided on Rebecca from Lilac and Lace to help us create the flowers for the day. Rebecca was so easy and helpful to work with, we asked for British grown flowers in a selection of pastel colours and they were just perfect!”

oaks farm wedding

“A friend of Vince’s from work (Shalene) made the Wedding cake for us. Shalene made sample cakes for us throughout the year before, all of which were amazing! We are not a fan of thick icing and love chocolate so the design was perfect! Then we had a few of the beautiful spring flowers to finish the design”

“Food was provided by 10 flavours catering who are one of 3 options at the venue. We could have 3 options (including one vegetarian) so we both picked our favourite 3 courses off the menu and then one option that we thought would suit most people. Food portions were great and we received a lot of good feedback on the food throughout the day. Kim’s favourite thing to do on the beach is have chips in a cone which is why we picked the fish & chip cones for the evening food.” – Wedding guests looked very satisfied!

The Entertainment

Kim told us, “We had a violinist (Monica Suder) during the ceremony and reception drinks as we wanted a little bit of live music and I also got to choose a song for Kim’s entrance with her dad, which Kim & her dad picked together. We then had a DJ (paradise entertainment) in the evening, who was also a friend of Vince’s and helped create a lovely atmosphere, the dance floor was always full of people dancing and having fun.”

surrey wedding video

The Best Bits of the Oaks Farm Wedding Video

Vince & Kim said, “We didn’t really know what to expect from a wedding video as we had never really seen one before (other than on your blog) but when we saw ours it was perfect. It brings the day back to life in a way that photos cannot always create. Seeing everyone’s faces and reactions is priceless. We had a great day and the video shows that everyone else did too, everyone was smiling all day long! Every time we watch the highlights or full video we see something new and different to enjoy.”

surrey wedding video

Vince & Kim’s advice for couples planning their wedding is:

– it is never too early to start getting ready in the morning!
– I couldn’t but if possible steam dresses the night before you so your bridesmaids are ready before you!
– pick things for the day that matter most to you and try not to worry what others may want
– try and get most options decided well in advance, it might feel that it is 12-18months in advance and in the middle months no much to do but it’s worthwhile and takes a heap of stress off the day and weeks leading up to the wedding.
– most importantly smile and enjoy the day and let the professionals work their magic and you will get some amazing photos and videos of the day!

surrey wedding video

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Click on the film below to watch Vince & Kim’s Highlights


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