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This is a question that is often asked by couples planning their weddings. The best advice I was given when planning my wedding was to spend the most I can on the things that last more than one day, so photographer, videographer, rings are just to name a few. According to a survey by WEVA, statistics show that not having a wedding video is always couples top regrets, so don’t leave it too late! Can you imagine being able to watch your Grandparents wedding? Its also a keep sake for the future, a fantastic memory of cherished family members laughing and even making an important speech.


You often get what you pay for…

So you definitely want a videographer but how much should you spend? Simple answer… the most you can afford. You’ll be surprised how many calls we get mid-July from upset brides to be saying their videographer has gone out of business and that they’d got an amazingly cheap deal! Let’s face it, like most things, you often get what you pay for. Thats not to say all low budget videographers are no good, there’s a videographer out there for every couple that will fit into budget and style. Here’s a rough idea of the price brackets in the UK:

Lower end  (£500 – £1000) 

Mid Range (£1000 – £2000) – where Anneka Ireland Videography sit

High End (£2000 +) 

My advice is to research into a range of videographers and work out the style you like, but be realistic about budget. Do you want a 5 minute highlights film or a longer documentary style film? Do you want a creative arty film, something that contains lots of shots of your guests or lots of couple shots? Click here to read a short blog explaining the difference between the two edit styles we offer. Things to also bear in mind is how the videographer/s work on the day, do you want an unobtrusive natural style or more set up?


Why does wedding videography cost so much?

Its often thought that as soon as the word ‘wedding is mentioned’, suppliers double their prices. I can’t speak for other suppliers but most people aren’t aware of the outgoings we as videographers have to incur to run a successful business, some examples are equipment costs (you will not believe it!), insurance, editing time, advertising, ALOT of admin, website just to name a few. So here at Anneka Ireland Videography we have carefully put together and crafted our packages to give couples complete value for money which reflects the amount of time we spend on each individual film.


But look at it this way…

A wedding film should be seen as an investment for the future. I can guarantee (written from experience) that you won’t remember the speeches and nerves will make your ceremony difficult to remember. Decide on a realistic budget, contact your favourite videographers then enjoy watching your wedding film over and over!


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