Wedding Videography in 2021

Wow, what a year 2020 has been! Like many wedding businesses we’ve had our ups and downs here at Anneka Ireland Videography. Despite the obvious numerous postponements that our poor couples have had to endure, what was looking like a fantastic year for us quickly diminished to the point where we didn’t know when we would be filming another wedding! Anyway, we powered on through and were kept (very) busy with our little 1 year old boy Logan, watching him grow so quickly and trash the house on a daily basis! Not to forget the multiple dog walks each day and keeping busy by taking on other filming jobs.


2020 – a great year or one we would rather forget?!

Most people have celebrated 2020 coming to an end but I have chosen to see if in a positive light. It’s made me appreciate what I have at home alot more, not to take my baby, husband and family for granted. As a wedding videographer I filmed 5 weddings after COVID-19 reared its ugly head, a variety of Jewish, church and registry office weddings, and its been fantastic to attend the weddings and film the celebration of the love and unity that the couple have. We are fully COVID-19 compliant, adhere to the correct social distancing measures and all of the equipment is sanitised after every use. What a lot of couples don’t know is that if you’re ‘working’ at the wedding, you’re not included in the number restrictions!


Going forward as wedding videographers…

I am keeping optimistic about 2021 and hope that weddings can still continue to happen, with a smaller number of guests if they have to until it is deemed safe to increase the numbers. Finger crossed for a great year ahead!!


Here’s a short teaser film of a fun jewish wedding!




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