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So a few of the important things have been ticked off your wedding to do list and there’s the decision about what to do for your evening entertainment. After filming and editing hundreds of weddings since 2010, I have seen lots of different types and thought this blog might come in useful for anybody unsure of what might be best for them. I have listed a few pros and cons below with a couple of recommendations based on my experiences.


Wedding DJ – Pros

– a lot of flexibility in the style of music that can be played
– set up usually isn’t too long and can sometimes be done earlier on
– a good dj should be able to work the crowd, announcing the couple into their first dance, then recommending the songs afterwards so that they flow well and keep guests on the dancefloor. Nobody wants an empty dancefloor all night!
– decent lighting set up to give that party atmosphere


– a not so experienced DJ can deter guests from dancing by choosing the wrong play list
– a different kind of atmosphere to live entertainment

Phil from 20-20 Sounds says, “choose music that is familiar, the more people know, the more chance you have that people will dance.”

Wedding Band – Pros

– great atmosphere and energy to get the guests involved
– flexibility to choose a band who specialise in the type of music you like
– usually provide lighting too, but check this
– usually play background music in between their 2x45min sets
– sometimes the band can sing the first dance rather than just play the track

Check out The Patinas wedding band!


– can work out more expensive as the more band members, the more the price increases
– can take a while to set up
– if the band plays a specific style of music, it might not suit all of the guests tastes

Ceilidh/ Barndance bands – Pros

– lots of fun and great entertainment for all ages
– you can get lots of good photos and video
– a band member teach everybody the dance then play the song
– lots of interaction and a good ice breaker for evening guests


– great fun but can get tiring for the guests after a while leaving the dancefloor empty
– usually play one specific style of music

Single entertainer – Pros

– very funny and interactive
– surprise for the guests
– great photo and video opportunities

Check out Ginger Johnson (House of Johnson) who doubles up as an entertainer and DJ – featured in the film below!


– might not be to everybody’s taste

Fireworks Display – Pros

– works very well when choreographed to music by a professional company (pyromusical)
– guests of all ages will enjoy
– looks great on your wedding video


– guests might not be keen to stand outside especially if it’s raining
– can be expensive
– doesn’t last very long

Sparklers – Pros

– we can get some great shots when planned well
– guests of all ages will enjoy
– a great ending shot for your wedding film


– weather might not be great, or it might be too light outside 
– very difficult to manage and to get all of the sparklers lit at the same time.

We are often asked for wedding videographer tips, so after considering all of the options for your evening entertainment, it can sometimes be hard to know what might be the best option, and what will fit within your budget. I often tell couples to imagine that they’re a wedding guest, what they think they would enjoy the most and which memorable events have they been to before, what makes them remember it and why. You will want your guests to have as much fun as you guys but at the same time its got to be what you want and how you have envisaged your special day.


Here’s a fun dancefloor montage that we filmed!



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