This is something that we are often asked by couples when they’re at the beginning of the booking process. There are quite a few wedding film editing styles out there so how do you know which one is for you?

As we always like to treat every wedding differently we have decided to offer two styles with no difference in price. Sometimes its hard to choose which one to go for so I have put together a brief explanation of both:

The longer documentary style edit:
This is our most popular edit. The finished film varies in length depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches, but it will average 1-2hrs long and will play continuously as its being watched.
The ceremony and speeches are in full and the other sections will be cut to music.
At the very end of the film we edit a short highlights trailer cut to the length of one song (average 3 mins). This edit is popular with couples who want an in-depth film or have lots of guests that they’d like to see. The USB will have your ‘Full Film’ and ‘Highlights’ as separate files.
We cant upload a full documentary edit but here is an example of a highlights that was part of this style of edit:

The ‘Cinematography’ Package/ Extended trailer option:

This edit is for couples who don’t want a longer wedding film. Its also good if you have a small number of guests. The length of this will be roughly 10-15mins long, cut to a variation of music tracks with segments of audio from the ceremony and speeches overlaid in the film. This style is more dramatic with build ups throughout. It is filmed differently to the documentary edit as we concentrate much more on the creative, cinematic impact shots, in turn this compromises the amount of footage we can get of your guests mingling. Alongside the 10-15min film, you’ll also get your ceremony and speeches edited in full as a separate file. If you chose an extra such as guest messages or the dancefloor montage, they will also be included separately. Here is an example of one of these films:

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