Josh + Kim got married at the stunning luxury East Sussex hotel, Buxted Park in April 2019. Their wedding was spring themed and because Kim loves flowers so much it just had to be during Easter time.

How it all began…

The proposal wasn’t expected by Kim at all… Josh is a history buff and convinced Kim to go on a holiday to Russia in mid April. Freezing cold and pouring with rain Kim remembers saying it was the worst holiday she’d ever been on. But whilst stood outside St Basil’s Cathedral, next thing, Josh was on one knee proposing! We think it’s safe to say that after that moment it quickly became the best holiday of Kim’s life!

Josh + Kim describe themselves as naturally awkward people (I don’t think they are, but…) they didn’t want to miss a single detail of the wedding which is why they decided to have a wedding videographer, they now feel like its one of the best decisions they’d ever made.

The Wedding…

A lot of Kim’s inspiration for the wedding came from years of looking on Pinterest and planning the perfect wedding so she already had an idea of what she wanted. Buxted Park was the perfect fairytale wedding and they just fell in love with it. They wanted the theme to feel very natural and springlike with clean colours, so went for blues and whites with lots of eucalyptus and foliage.

Kim made their wedding cake with help from her bridesmaid Bethan. They chose a three tiered sponge with the flavours carrot and orange, lemon drizzle and Victoria sandwich covered with a simple white rustic buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers to match the theme. Kim’s friend Lydia made the wedding cake topper which was a needle felt replica of the couples two little house rabbits dressed as a bride and groom!

After experiencing Photobooths at previous weddings and seeing how much fun they were, Josh + Kim hired one provided by Omg Entertainments. They also had an inflatable ball pit and soft play set provided by Simon at Bounce Hire because they had lots of children at the wedding and wanted to give them somewhere fun to play away from all the boring adults and their bad dancing (Kim’s words, not mine!).

Memorable moments from the day included the best men’s speech because not only hilariously funny, but watching back the wedding video you can see their page boy Kian walking along the breadth of the top table stretching out a slinky as far as he could (which was being held the other end by his brother Hayden) and then letting it go and laughing!

Advice from Josh + Kim for couples planning their wedding….  “It’s the little details that make the biggest impact to your guests enjoyment on the day. Plenty of food and drink, a relaxed atmosphere, and flipflops so people can kick off their heels and let their hair down on the dancefloor!”

Now, enjoy watching Josh + Kim’s wedding film below!



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