In December 2011 we were contacted by a researcher at Channel 5 asking us if we were able to help out. They explained that a growing number of couples planning their wedding over the last few years had been ripped off by a supplier in the wedding industry and that one couple in particular had to cancel their whole wedding due to the disappearance of the supplier weeks before the wedding leaving them without a dress, photographer and videographer just to name a few, and no sign of their money. The couple, Lucy & Dan were devastated and couldn’t see any other option but to cancel their wedding.

However, Channel 5 had agreed to re-plan their wedding and brought together some suppliers to help Lucy and Dan have their special day. We agreed to film their wedding even though the venue was at secret location. A week before the big day we were informed that their ceremony would be held at a church in Ashford and the venue would be discreetly mentioned to us on the day. We started filming the bridal preparations capturing the anticipation and excitement from the bride and bridesmaids onto the church and covering the whole ceremony.

The venue was unveiled and was at the spectacular Hever Castle. At this point nobody but the suppliers knew the venue and were transported there totally unaware. On arrival everybody was surprised and overwhelmed, but took the opportunity to have a look around the Castle whilst enjoying drinks and canapés. Finally, Lucy and Dan arrived and couldn’t hide their emotions, they said it was ‘like a dream come true’.

We continued to film the day covering the guest mingling and interacting with the bride and groom, then onto the speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

It was an emotional but fantastic day and I felt privileged to be part of making what was a bad memory into an amazing, memorable day. Lucy & Dan sent us an email shortly after receiving their preview wedding DVD expressing how grateful they were for their wedding video as the day went so fast they couldn’t possibly take in everything that had happened. Check out the photographers work, Sue Kwiatkowska to see her beautiful images.

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