Tips on how to plan a stress-free wedding


Decide with your partner on the style and location of the wedding

Do you want a destination wedding or get married in the UK? A small or large wedding? Traditional or alternative style?

Write up a guest list

Often the hardest part of the planning. We’d suggest keeping this a rough list until the invitations have to go out. Things can change in a few months!

Research into costs and put together a realistic budget

This can be very overwhelming but its essential. What are the deal breakers? Be prepared to go over the budget too as often there are costs that you hadn’t accounted fora a later stage.

The best advice we were given was to invest in the things that lasted for more than one day, such as rings, photography, videography. It’s probably the most money you’ll spend in one day so you will want to re-live the day – get a great photographer and wedding videographer! If the budget is looking at little tight it might be worth waiting until nearer the day to book luxuries such a sweet cart or those extra large flower arrangements.

Visit venues then contact suppliers

Good venues and wedding suppliers get booked up far in advance. Often 2-3 years ahead!

Don’t worry about the small things that don’t go to plan on the day

So finally, your wedding day has come! But you’re a buttonhole short. How did this happen?! Everything’s going to be ruined, the photos won’t look right. !!Stop!! Little things like this don’t matter, nobody will notice and it wont be something that you’ll remember in the future, however, looking stressed will come across in your photography and videography so remember to let the little things go and keep smiling! You WON’T regret it.

What will happen if it rains on my wedding day?

Whilst you may have your heart set on a warm sunny day, you have to remember the reasons for this event, what’s most important…having your closest friends and family around you to celebrate your love for one person. If you choose a good photographer and wedding videographer, trust in them, they will always do their best to get the best shots possible.

Allow for extra time on the day

Weddings rarely run on schedule. We recommend leaving a little extra time to get into the wedding dress, toilet breaks, time to mingle with your guests and even 10minutes alone with your partner just to reflect. The day will fly by!


CONTACT US if you have any ideas to add to our blog post now!

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