Wedding videographer tips

We work alongside many different styles of photographers each year and its always nice because its just another way, apart from wedding videography, to capture the such an important day of your life. Wedding videography and photography are both very different mediums and I would always recommend having both to be able to remember your special day in the best way possible.

Recommended photographers

Having worked alongside so many photographers, we can often get a feel for who we think just fits in well on the couples wedding day, from their discretion to their finished photos. I have a large handful of favourite photographers who I am happy to recommend to couples if they ask but we asked Charlotte King, a close friend and wedding photographer about the service she provides…

Style of Photos

My approach is relaxed and unobtrusive. I’m less about posing and more about capturing the day as it unfolds. I would advise couples to make a collection of inspiring photos to understand their creative tastes.” 


Advance booking

“Usually I take bookings 1-2 years in advance. So, one you have a date secured with your venue, I’d suggest getting in touch and booking the date in. ” 


Meeting your photographer

“It is great to meet couples ahead of the wedding day if possible. However, with busy lifestyles and during Covid it isn’t always possible. A zoom or Skype chat would be ideal in this instance, there are no time restrictions and we can get to know each other just as well as face to face. ” 


One photographer or two?

“I’ve always worked solo. I prefer to photograph weddings as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible, to ensure each moment is captured naturally. However, if you’re having an extra large wedding of over 150 people of the day, we can absolutely discuss a second photographer upon booking.” 


Albums or digital copy?

“It is a personal preference, but albums are such a beautiful tangible memory, as often these days images just stay on the usb or online. If a couple decide they would like an album, I suggest couples choosing their favourite images and I can create an album design for them, and show them different options for the cover and pages. ” 


A family member has offered to take some extra photos on the day, would this be ok?

Yes absolutely – as long as the family is shooting from a different angle (and isn’t standing behind the photographer). During the first dance I would ask they don’t take photographs as it can obstruct our flash from working correctly.” 


Do you like working with a Wedding Videographer?

“I love to work alongside videographers – it is an opportunity to share ideas especially during the couples portraits, later in the day when we have plenty of times to be creative. We are there essentially doing a similar job – capturing memories of the couples biggest day, so working as a team is a pleasure. ” 


Delivery of our photos?

“It usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks for images to be ready. I will send a link to the couples private gallery, and post their USB at the same time. ” 


Here’s a pic from one of the weddings we shot at together at Botleys Mansion

wedding photographer tips



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