Wedding Videographer Tips for Grooms 


Sometimes as a Groom it can be hard to know what their job may be when it comes to planning a wedding. We had a good chat with a fantastic online wedding planner, Emma Miller from Vow to be Chic and created a load of Do’s and Don’t for Grooms! 


Groomsmen Gifts

Something that the Groom should do is select his groomsmen gifts. This is one of the most important aspects of your big day. Showing how much your groomsmen mean to you. Showing them how thankful you are that they are there supporting you is important. has a huge selection of different gift ideas for you to choose from. Sports fan? Drinker? Poker player? Knife set? There are options for all of the guys in your groomsmen party. It’s great to get their reactions on the wedding video!


Be a part of the planning

Wedding planning can be intimidating. This is why planning the wedding together (bride and groom) is so important. Being a part of the process together is also rewarding and memorable for both of you.  Doing that alongside your significant other makes the process even more special. There are a few simple things you can do to plan more efficiently. For starters make a list… This is the easiest way to gather all of your thoughts and see them visually which can help organise the tasks you need to complete. After that, you can make a list of all of the things you need to accomplish and when they need to be completed. 

This can seem difficult but with some time it will come together. Nobody is expected to know everything they need to in one moment. You’ll remember things or come up with new ideas often and can keep track of them all there. Regardless, having the groom be a part of the overall planning is important and will make it the most enjoyable. Having both opinions and wants in the wedding will make it overall more enjoyable for you both and your friends and families. 


Attend Appointments

Being a part of the planning process should also include attending all of the appointments involved with it. This can include cake testing, food testing, looking at potential venues for the ceremony or reception, etc. Being a part of that will make the overall experience so much more enjoyable for the both of you. Finding the right cake or venue is that you both love is so important. 

Having both the groom and bride attend the appointments will make it easier at the end of the day. Then both can give their input there at that time so that a decision can be made sooner than later. Picking something like your venue is a huge part of your overall wedding planning. Picking one you both love is even more important. This is the place where you are celebrating your special day with both your family and friends all together. Picking the perfect place is something you both need to be equally a part of. 


Be a part of the Guest List

A common theme here so far is to have both the groom and bride be a part of the overall, general wedding planning. This also needs to be for creating the guest list. Don’t just sit down and babble a bunch of names off while your bride hurries to type them all up on her excel spreadsheet. Grab the laptop and add the names yourself. 

This takes the pressure off of one person and ours the responsibility on both of you. Being a part of the guest list is huge. This is who you decide is going to be a part and a witness to your big day. This is also important if your list is bigger than your financial situation allows. This is another reason both the bride and groom need to be a part of the decision of who gets an invite and who is going to have to be let go. 



Get the Groomsmen their Suits

Picking out your outfit for the day is essential, but don’t forget the boys either! Picking out your groomsmen suits can be an entire day task. Getting them to match, getting their sizing complete, making sure they match the bridesmaids is also important. Attention to detail here is important more than ever! Everyone wants their pictures that last a lifetime to look nice and cohesive with the entire bridal party. Ties, bow ties, socks, shoes, etc. are all important parts that you don’t want to forget about or let go without a check. This is definitely a task for the groom! And can be made for a guys day out as well, who doesn’t love that? 

Wedding planning is stressful for everyone involved but trying to make it fun at the same time is important. You don’t want the cons of stress to outway the pros of excitement. Having the groom help and assigning specific tasks to him as mentioned above will be ideal for everyone involved. 


Here’s a wedding video highlights with a couple who had both their bridal and grooms preparations filmed:



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