As a wedding videographer, it’s not just about capturing good footage that’s important, audio also plays a huge part too. It’s something that we like to have control of in the background without being too obvious with microphones and ugly stands so we choose our equipment very carefully. 


Forward Planning


I always tell couples that it’s really important that we get as much information about what’s expected to happen on your wedding day as there’s only one chance to capture most of the events. A week or so before your wedding we send out a pre-wedding questionnaire to get all of this important information which includes a running order, and specifics on things like ceremony readings and speeches etc. Our go-to recorders for this are tiny clip on pocket mics that take 2 seconds to attach and blend into the speakers outfit. We also have other back up mics that we discreetly place around to capture ambient sound. Here’s an example of one of our tiny recorders clipped into the grooms top pocket of his suit during their wedding ceremony.

Wedding video ceremony

The great thing about our little microphones are that most people forget that they’re wearing one, so they won’t add anymore to their public speaking nerves! We also pop them on a few minutes before the event. 


Discreet and Natural


I also ask the person conducting the ceremony to wear a mic too, some don’t agree but we will always attempt to cover all bases.

two brides and their wedding celebrant




We highly recommend that anybody speaking at your wedding wears one of our mics to ensure the best possible sound. Here’s an example of a groom wearing one during his wedding speech.

Wedding speech by the groom


Great audio also means that if you chose our Cinematography edit option then we have lots of options to work with when we place audio snippets over your feature film.

bride walking down aisle and seeing groom

Any questions on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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